My Story

I'm a girl.  Trained from as young as I can remember to starve myself on lean cuisines and then run it off on the treadmill.  Then in my late 20s, I gave up.  Decided to gain a ton of weight and just see what happened.  I was exhausted.  I hit 200 lbs.  It was an interesting ride experiencing total apathy for health during that time, and I was able to feel how it feels to be super unhealthy.  Little did I know, my life was suffering as a result.  I had become a heavy drinker, involved in unhealthy relationships, addictions to screens and social media, and an ability to always pass the blame on to others rather than taking any self responsibility.  I had no spiritual self at all.  I realized, this can't continue- a switch flipped.  

On Cinco de Mayo 2015, I hired a Personal Trainer and made the commitment to change my life.  Since then, I have been obsessively analyzing how to become the healthiest version of myself through all aspects - exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices, nature, holistic herbal medicine and spirituality.  I am now capable of passing on my intensive education and knowledge to others who are realizing....their switch flipped too. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, a Yoga-Alliance certified Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist (plant-based, Ayurveda focus) and a Life Coach (specializing in depression, alcohol abuse, obesity, and mental health, immobility, and fatigue). 

Let's work together. 

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