About Melissa DeCourcy

Who is Melissa?

Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor specializing in Nutrition, Health and Holistic Lifestyle practices.  

What is offered?

Personal Training and Yoga (in the privacy of your home, in a park, or via Zoom) including nutritional plans & education. 

What plan do I need to see results?

Recommend 3x/week for 3 months for best results (between 30-45 sessions)

Why is she good?

Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga-Alliance Certified 200-Hour Yoga Instructor, & Nutritionist (Specializing in Ayurveda).  

What's Melissa's personal story?

Melissa was over 200lbs at 5'2 in 2015 living in NYC.  Life included an abusive relationship, poor boundaries, unstable friendships and an unsatisfying career.  She was an alcoholic and addicted to adderall to cope with an increasingly negative life view & deepening depression.  With a stroke of luck, she was recommended a personal trainer, who held her hand through almost an entire 80lb weight-loss journey.  During this 8 month period (yes, she lost 10lbs/month), she found yoga, which healed & is continuing to heal her emotionally.  Additionally, she became obsessed with nutrition.  "What is the BEST thing I can put in my body right now?" is her favorite phrase.  She's currently running her own successful personal training business as well as a founder of Addison Circle Yoga. 


Any success stories from clients? 

Weight loss, increased flexibility, energy, stamina, muscle gain, education on nutrition and diet, mental clarity, reduced anxiety, better sleep, removing depression.

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